my pride got fried imgMy Pride Got Fried

Once upon a time, in a pond isolated from the lake and to the river, it was a still pond, with weeds, little gems and stones of different sizes.

It was, however, a happy pond. Most of the animals were friendly and satisfied. But there was a fish, bigger, stronger and a bully, full of pride and lack satisfaction. He was different from all the others, who kept himself to himself. He was not friendly and has no interest in others and always behaving in an unfriendly way towards others because he thinks he is better than them whenever the others came near him.

One graceful day, his pride got one of the older fish irritated, he was getting irritated by the big fish’s constant complains about other fish, so he called the big fish to offer him an advice. “I wonder why a beautiful creature like you doesn’t go off to the big river and mix with the other big and important fish, like you”, he added sarcastically.

This made the big fish to think further on how big and important he was to be living in such a small pond, and after a few weeks he decided to leave.

After a long thought on how to leave the pond, he went to the older fish, who gave him the piece of advice, showing his gratitude for helping him, see what was far from his inner eye. He was very excited to see the older fish, he rushed to him. “My friend you are quite right, I should be far happier if I lived among fish of my own size, good looks and intelligence. How trying it is to live among these stupid little creatures, no offence my friend! With all the rain we’ve been having of late the floods will soon be here, and then I’ll allow myself to be washed down into the big river and out of this little pond. Then I’ll be able to merge with my equals – the other big fish”.

When he told the other fish in the pond, they all agreed what a wonderful idea it sounded. With glum faces, the older fish congratulated him, together with other fish that were happy they will live happily after the departure of the big fish, saying how clever he was to think of such an idea.

There followed more days of heavy rains and, sure enough, the floods arrived, the waters swept over the little pond and, while most of the fish sheltered in the bottom of the pond, the big fish rose to the top and allowed the waters to sweep him downstream to the big river. Once there he noticed how different the water tasted, and how much larger the rocks and weeds were. He sighed with anticipation of the good life that lay ahead.

He was resting for a few moments beside a large rock when he became aware of the water swirling behind him. Seven or eight fish, much bigger than he, passed over his head. One of the fishes turned back to him shouting. “Out of the way, little fellow don’t you know this is our hunting ground?”. He exclaimed harshly, as they drove him away. He escaped into a clump of thick weed. Anxiously he peered out from time to time, not having expected this so soon after his arrival. “They obviously didn’t realise who I was”, he comforted himself, somewhat uncertainly. Presently two large black and white fish came rushing straight for him, with their jaws opened wide. They would surely have devoured him, had he not wedged himself into a  crevice in the bank, just out of their reach.

All day long he dared not move, but when night came he gingerly swam out into the black water, hoping to find some supper. Suddenly he felt a large sharp object (hook) in his tail. A metal in shape of a question mark, fishermen also looking for their supper, with their massive dark object (a canoe – though the fish didn’t know these) passed overhead.

“Alas!” he said to himself, “Why ever did I come to this terrible place? If only I could get back to my little pond I would never grumble again. But now I guess it’s too late for me now”.

He had no other choice but to accept fate and forget the trouble he has passed through since his arrival. He was pulled up the rope and tossed into a basket full of his kind.