street trading

Street Trading

The agonizing fact that some people are not educated, as there seem to be a limit to what they can achieve, like gong in search for administrative jobs. Since survival is an accustomed intuition for all man, all individual want to survive. So, they contrive their ways of surviving; which, many take to street trading. And lots who aim for better things like education, but lacks the privilege. Falling into the faults of life (living rough and unsatisfied life) and jumping into any available ideas, taking up crazy ideas such as street trading, which claims lot of lives, street trading and high-way trading is now a first choice business idea for those born without silver spoon or those with no or little educational opportunity, being victims of accidents, claiming their lives, which they strive to protect and cater for, the little they could offer for them self. And many of these traders are arrested and prosecuted, and some of them who could not pay the fines imposed on them end up in prison.


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