Fire Hazard

 What a calamitous fire outbreak on my way from the market, at Shell’s street. This is the third time, in three years of this kind most unexpected fire hazard occurring in a market, which is the commercial nerve centre of this environment. Goods and cars with valuables, worth of millions of dollars might have been destroyed. This is my estimation.

It all started when I entered the market last Wednesday, when I went for a little shopping. I heard a loud echo, which got everybody, both sellers and buyers scampering for safety. Immediately, everyone was out of sight from his or her various selling post. The immediate cause of the explosion was unknown, but the reliable source, a trader who was very close and volunteered to speak, told everybody from a safe distance what actually happened.

 One of the carefree drivers had thrown a stub of cigarette into a collection of refuse near where some buyers parked their cars and bikes. Inside one of the cars were few jerry cans of petrol, which they bought and stored to avoid the incessant scarcity of petrol and its attendant’s effects.

Unknown to that driver and all the people moving about that section of the market where they sell electronic appliances and clothes, some petrol soiled the area from the leaking container. The glowing cigarette ignited and exploded into a big furnace.

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