download (24)The worst nightmare I ever had that kept me awake all through the night. One fateful night after the usual things to do before going to bed, I watched a very scary movie, which kept on dancing around my innocent mind. The splash of blood and piercing of man flesh by zombies    got my heart pounding as if I was facing a lion in its den. I could not bear the thoughts any longer, so I made up my mind to go to bed, to get rid of those thoughts and finally drift into a sweet night sleep. Unknown I was going into the 3D version of my thoughts.

I opened my eyes, thinking I was awake. I stood up from bed and walked directly to the toilet to pee, and in a wink I was outside in the open, my clothes changed, and I was with new people, including those I do not know. We all walked and talked as if we have known each other for long. After walking a very far distance from the starting point, we decided to visit the zoo, in fact the largest community zoo. With unique species of various animals, I wish they could be real. We all agreed to visit the zoo, since it was an open opportunity for those visiting for the first time, or that specific zoo. We walked to the bus stop to board a bus, but every single bus refused to go to the zoo. Wish we knew what was awaiting us at the zoo. Nevertheless, we are too ordinary to see that. So we walked back home to pick a car at my parents garage. We drove directly to the zoo and bought our entrance tickets.

We saw many beautiful animals with different beautiful colours, sizes, and species. On our way back home after all the fun, we went to the manager’s office to give complains and review. However, the manager happened to be a friend of ours. His office, well organized, that I wished I worked there. I glanced through the files on his desk, the next thing I could see before me was a shiny button, begging me to press it.images (47) Written on it was “Emergency push.” I was anxious, and with no choice left, “I PRESSED” the button and let out all the animals, both the adorable and not so happy hungry looking animals from their habitats. They did not notice, neither did they hear the soar cry of the people in the zoo compound. Hungry animals devoured most of them. There was fun all over the office corner, both the loud music and drinks. The entrance glass was so thick; sound could not penetrate through it. We could not hear their screams and the sound of the animals crushing their bones. images (46)What drew our attention was the bold red light and siren at the office corner. Now the manager knew something was wrong. Looking into his monitor, watching the video footage of dead bodies and roaming animals, the party spirit in him died immediately. Animals out of their habitats and serving themselves to their own taste, the field, filled with washing pool of human flesh and blood. In addition, the weak animals that could not fight for their freedom and safety joined the humans.

We were back to our senses, but with no options and no means of escaping. We locked ourselves in the office. Moreover, we engaged all faith on the glass. Our heart was pounding so hard I could feel my neighbours’ heartbeat. We were shivering as if we were out of snow, staring blankly at the monitor, showing the different techniques animals use in attacking and feeding on their prey, cutting off their guts, man after another, leaving the leftovers for the smaller animals to feed.

We had no doubt we were in secure, even with the presence of the glass. Moreover, in a wink, blood thirsty, skinny, and hungry animals surrounded us. It was as if the animals were communicating. The larger animals came forward. They smashed the first security glass, followed by the second. Now left with the main glass into the office, the first and second were shattered. Moreover, I was already feeling myself in their belly. We lost all hope of surviving and looking forward to “death and resurrection.” We were shaking in fear, regretting ever coming to the zoo.

images (31)I was frightened to my maximum gauge, I felt my heart leaping from my chest, and that made me jump out of bed hiding under my bedspread.

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