My Heart Weeps

I am alone and lonely. Even when I am in the midst of multitudes of people

What is the difference when I stand in the realms of the dead? When all I care

About is you “Father.” I wish I know what you looked like, I guess you could not wait for me

To bear more pain when I finally know you then lose you. If only you were here, things

Could have been different, things could have worked out well for both of us

I go crazy whenever I think about you, and do things I seem not to realise I am doing.

What is the happiness having no father? You were gone before I could even know you

Every year,month, weeks and days has been a torture. It is like losing the core parts of my life

This brings about all malfunctions in my life, since you were not there to correct and wipeout

All errors inme, I curse death for taking you so soon. It made me wish I were never born to this world

Yet those with father do not cherish the only gold that could buy what I seem to lack fatherly love and affections.


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