My Heart Beat for Freedom

download (2).jpg

Hope, the spirit being that leads your way to the things that you dream of achieving

Day after day, as I lay down my body to the dust of the earth, with the hope to

Drift into the new world of the things that brings smile to my face, and

My heart leaps like a child in his mother’s womb, appreciating his mother for

Giving him the opportunity to be born into a new world, our world, a

Demon that enslaves people, keeping them in a loop, which makes them

Make same mistake. Generation after another, new offspring are born

Into the same work and the same steps taken by their forefathers

Who are we to judge? Our ways, seen as the way to eternal

Cage that keeps us stagnant; just accumulating more knowledge

For the benefit of staying in a spot without changing direction

Or moving forward

Who will stand for us?

Who will be the saviour?

Who is fit to make a revolutionary change?

These questions, asked at the expense of our ignorance

Will we continue to search for a leader?

Why can’t we take a step in becoming a leader?

I will rise, I will stand, I will break the chains

I have made up my mind and my goals are set

I will be free from the bond of slavery of this world

I will fight and make my heavy loads light

I will get the freedom I deserve


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