After all, we are indeed the makers of our own undoing, we are nothing but pages in this book of life, our chapters are going to be visited, opened, read and flipped either forward or backwards, or torn out like tissue papers waiting to be used or disposed. Life brings questions back and forth for us to answer, the right way or the wrong way. Indeed it’s left for us to decide. Day in day out we are shut down to our worries, buried in our tears hoping for the rain to wash us clean, and the sun to shine on us, but the truth is, though we “seek to find freedom”, we are indeed, ” nothing but pencils in the hand of our creator”… M. Adenuga.

…… In our previous write up, we discussed the situations aligned that led to our downfall and the odds stacked up against us and why we are confined so deep and rooted within these uprisings without a solution. For every truth there is always a lie and for every problem there is always a solution.


For a while, let’s all take a break and then sigh… God did not just create because he felt like, neither did he give us dominion unto all because it was necessary.  Life was made for us all by our creator. All things small and big, bright and beautiful to work for our good, to speak for us in time of needs and to defend us in our times of adversaries. But what has happened?  Everything gone wrong, there’s so much pain without solutions, our thoughts are corrupted, our actions, though speak louder than our words, are tuned down by our fears which in turn have become our biggest nightmare. Now we are left all alone seeking for answers in places where we won’t find.

Like we initially said,” each pain is meant to accompany us to our gain” but the question is what gain? As a young person I realized that for us to try we should always ask why, and when we ask why we should never fail to ask how because not until then we never know how to try. Life is big, its wide but indeed we are kings and queens of it all. Until we convert our pains to gains it rides us on. Each pain is a lesson, meant to teach us, though it may hurt, but we become stronger. No problem faced by man is too difficult to handle. Only when he says so it becomes so. Our fears slowly creep into our minds because we gave room for our weaknesses to challenge us. Our fight is not against the world, every creature made or what the world has to say about us, but our fears which become our challenges. Until we stand to conquer this conception, our challenges will rise until it becomes a Nile which we are eventually drowned by.


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