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Sometimes, life brings us challenges, which indeed we must face. Be it good or bad. Every pain is meant to accompany us to every gain. Though we may lose at some stage, but we remain the same irrespective of what comes our way. The world at large are opportune to hear our cry, but are defiant to help our plea, we remain reprimanded in our own thoughts, downgraded in our own actions and left loose in our own hindrances. We seek forth strength in our plight hoping to fly high when the time arrives, but truthfully our lies stand tall, unchallenged without the impression of falling. Our thoughts are clothed in sheets, trying to spread across our fields. Though every misconception has a conception, and each conception stands for a purpose, be it at the forefront or within. our strives are cast in doubts by our weakness to fight when our forces arrive. We are our own demons, oppressed by our conscience, dispatched by the waves of our pains and crippled by nothing more than our fears. Our helpers are helpless to lend us hands, our prides are dented, we are scattered as thorns that hurt the earth, we are concealed to losing, our worries become bushes that grow so tall, tall enough to become ignored. When are we going to be freed, they say joy comes in the morning, but the truth is our pains don’t come be it “dawn or fall” neither does it give hints. Until our pleas are heard, we remain prisoners of our own hands…



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